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Smoking With Gary Fincke
by Beth Thomas

Photo by Karrah Kobus
Art by Karrah Kobus
The secretary is not given a name in this story. Why not?

She had a name when I began, but after a while, when I saw Savich saw her as a "condition" and perhaps an "opportunity," I took it out.

The only physical description given of Savich is a vague reference to his age (that he is much older than her). Why is the man not described?

I'm trusting that the reader can "see" him through his actions and speech.

From the first word on paper to the time the story was ready for submission, how long did it take to write and perfect? What is your writing process like? Did this go through a lot of revisions?

This is very short compared to what I usually write—I thought I was beginning a typical 25 page story, wrote most of this in an hour, and then, when I went back to it, I thought that for once I could play with the short-short form, really pare it back, so it took a half hour of pruning to reach the form it takes now.

What literary (or otherwise!) projects do you have going on right now?

I have a collection of stories coming out from West Virginia University in March, but I think I'm ready to push another collection out. I have a new collection of poems that's "ready" as well, and I'm trying to complete a new book of creative nonfiction—always something.

Read Crushed Ice.

Karrah Kobus is a conceptual portrait artist and wedding photographer from Minneapolis, MN. Karrah stumbled upon the magic of photography while studying for an anthropology course—she came across a photo created by Rosie Hardy and knew immediately that she was meant to be a photographer also. With her budding career taking her across America and to Mexico and Canada, it has been an adventurous two years for Karrah. She's driven across the country to meet perfect strangers and bathe in waterfalls after covering herself in mud. She's spent countless nights, mornings and afternoons running around aimlessly and just because she had her camera; everything was, and always will be, okay. Sometimes she feels like photographers have uncovered a special secret. A crazy, amazing, and beautiful secret. The key to truly living. And all she wants is to be alive.

Issue Thirty-Seven (September 24, 2012): Two Boyfriends by Simon Barker «» Two Days in American History by Patrick Allen Carberry «» What I Told God by Sarah Carson «» Partners by Simon Jacobs «» Wreck by Will Kaufman «» Keep It Down by Harry Leeds «» Ants by Lindsey Gates Markel «» Quantifiable Consequence by Adam Padgett «» The Temperature At Which Paper Burns by Young Rader «» Bad Traffic by Matt Rowan «» Clearings by Joseph Spece «» Texas Vs. London by Jon Steinhagen «» Clichés by Aaron Teel «» When I Was Twenty-Three by Dan Townsend «» Revived by Eugenio Volpe «» Jalapeno Summer by Ryan Werner «» A Collector by Bess Winter «» Interviews: Simon Barker «» Patrick Allen Carberry «» Sarah Carson «» Simon Jacobs «» Will Kaufman «» Harry Leeds «» Lindsey Gates Markel «» Adam Padgett «» Young Rader «» Matt Rowan «» Joseph Spece «» Jon Steinhagen «» Aaron Teel «» Dan Townsend «» Eugenio Volpe «» Ryan Werner «» Bess Winter «» Cover Art by Jennifer B. Hudson «» Letter From the Editor
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