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Smoking With Curtis Smith
by Tara Laskowski

Smoking With by Ashley Iguanta
Smoking With by Ashley Iguanta
Why do you suppose the tycoon loves dogs so much?

He's been isolated, geographically, by poverty and then wealth, abandoned by his father — dogs are so loyal and simple in comparison.

I admire how you capture a person's whole life in just a few paragraphs. When you write flash, do you experiment with time often? Is this a typical Curtis Smith piece, or is it different from what you usually write?

Most of my flash pieces are a single moment. I had this story sitting around for a few years. One day I decided to cut it to its tightest form. So I deleted and condensed, shedding characters and plot items until I was left with a core that really spoke to me.

The tycoon collects cars and then hands them off to people. Do you collect anything? Are you a pack rat, or do you tend to also give stuff away when you tire of it or no longer use it?

I collect books and music. Not much else. Still, my basement is a mess. I'm not good at throwing things out.

Are you from Texas? What inspired you to write this piece?

I'm a life-long Pennsylvanian. But I do have family in Texas. In the mid-80's, a buddy and I did a road trip from Houston to Dallas. It was winter — chilly and windy and gray, flat, lots of sky. That stuck with me.

Have you studied writing formally (i.e., MFA program) or is this just a passion you've nurtured and developed along the way on your own?

I started writing in the late 80's. I didn't have a writing background then, but after a few years, I did a low-res MFA at Vermont. It was a great experience for me.

Read The Tycoon.

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