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Smoking With Astrid Schott

Art by Marty D. Ison
Art by Marty D. Ison
How do you combine working in science/medicine and writing? Do they complement each other?
I have to write very late at night, as I work all day and have a family.I love both my job and writing and yes, they do complement each other. But at the same time I feel I could do better in either one of these if I would concentrate on just one discipline.

Traveling between two continents, experiencing the change in cultures and language, how does that affect your creative process?
I feel displaced most of the time, which increased the freedom of my thoughts and my attention towards my surroundings. Writing in English automatically changed my style. Last I experience a lot of jet lag—the sleepless nights can be very creative.

What do you find yourself writing about over and over?
Transitions and people trapped in their own world. Illness.

Flash fiction is often difficult to define. How would you explain it to somebody who has never read it, and what draws you to it?
Flash fiction to fiction is like Flash Gordon to Gordon. Faster and stronger. I find that very attractive. (If you read this, Flash Gordon, you can ask Dave Clapper for my telephone number.)

Which excites you more, writing a good story or reading one?
Reading is more exciting, writing is more satisfying for me.

Read The Therapist Told Her Not to Stop Smoking–Right Now.
Issue Five (August 15, 2004): Lovers by Karen Simpson Nikakis «» Shore by Susan Henderson «» Lovechild by Ellen Parker «» Lipstick by Claudia Smith «» Back Home by Bob Arter «» Gloves by Gary Cadwallader «» Gilda by Patricia Parkinson «» Attic by Kim Chinquee «» The Radioactive Chicken or the Egg? by Randall Brown «» Summer Swim by Pia Z. Ehrhardt «» Two Benches by Pasha Malla «» Fall by Richard Hulse «» Drop by Roy Kesey «» Galveston by Steven Gullion «» Every Pane of Weathered Glass by Ellen M. Rhudy «» I Can't Talk About Butter Because Margarine Is All I Know by C.R. Park «» Something of Value by Brian Reynolds «» The Therapist Told Her Not to Stop Smoking–Right Now by Astrid Schott «» Maintenance by Miriam N. Kotzin «» Enough by Katrina Denza «» Interviews: Karen Simpson Nikakis «» Susan Henderson «» Ellen Parker «» Claudia Smith «» Bob Arter «» Gary Cadwallader «» Patricia Parkinson «» Kim Chinquee «» Randall Brown «» Pia Z. Ehrhardt «» Pasha Malla «» Richard Hulse «» Roy Kesey «» Steven Gullion «» Ellen M. Rhudy «» C.R. Park «» Brian Reynolds «» Astrid Schott «» Miriam N. Kotzin «» Katrina Denza «» Cover Art "A Character in Short Fiction" by Marty D. Ison «» Letter From the Editor
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