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Smoking With Astrid Schott

Art by Marty D. Ison
Art by Marty D. Ison
Astrid. Is there really a Winterfeldplatz? What's it like?
Randall. Yes there really is. It is roughly the size of a soccer-field, bordered by a church, a playground, a puppet-theater and a bunch of bars, restaurants and cafés with customers of very mixed nationality and sexual orientation. There is a nice market twice weekly and on the other days you can watch the crowd of inline hockey players, skateboarders, passersby, blue dogs or children from a snack bar which used to be a public restroom.

"Bring the beer." A good mantra. Would you mind sharing your own mantra(s)?
”Wenn schon, denn schon” could be translated as: “if at all- then go for it!” And “How does this look from the other side?”

You seem so wise in the ways of love. How did you get to be The Love Sage
I think this is a misconception. The story by the way is not about love. "The love sage." I have to tell my husband—in case he has not found out yet.

What made Astrid a writer? (And a really gosh darn good one.)
I had storage problems in my head.

Where in the world is Astrid these days? Having fun? Miss any of your old haunts?
I am living in Berlin, Germany, and dreaming of new destinations. I am having fun but keep some boxes unpacked. I miss my father, who died this winter(ok, sorry Didi, you are not an old haunt). I long for the future.

Read He Stayed for Breakfast.
Issue Ten (September 15, 2005): Capsicum by Anne Marie Jackson «» Donat Bobet's Halloween by Bruce Holland Rogers «» The Arrival by Nathan Leslie «» The Law by Edgar Omar Avilés, translated by Toshiya A. Kamei «» Five Fat Men in a Hot Tub by Jeff Landon «» Hoover by Cally Taylor «» Are You Okay? by Joshua Hampel «» The Kindness of Strangers by Otis Brown «» Mrs. Krishnan by Kuzhali Manickavel «» Crossing the Orinoco by William Reese Hamilton «» The Elements of Summer by Laura Stallard Petza «» Closer to Paul by Patti Jazanoski «» Hawesville, Kentucky by Nance Knauer «» He Stayed for Breakfast by Astrid Schott «» Gardening by Antonios Maltezos «» Outer Space by Tom Saunders «» Blind Love by Robert Bradley «» Arks by Alan Girling «» Chitlins by Bob Arter «» Strange Fruit by Suzanne Lafetra «» Interviews: Anne Marie Jackson «» Bruce Holland Rogers «» Nathan Leslie «» Toshiya A. Kamei «» Jeff Landon «» Cally Taylor «» Joshua Hampel «» Otis Brown «» Kuzhali Manickavel «» William Reese Hamilton «» Laura Stallard Petza «» Patti Jazanoski «» Nance Knauer «» Astrid Schott «» Antonios Maltezos «» Tom Saunders «» Robert Bradley «» Alan Girling «» Bob Arter «» Suzanne Lafetra «» Joseph Young «» Cover Art "The Creation of Time and the Plagiarism of Bosch" by Marty D. Ison «» Letter From the Editor
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