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Blind Love
by Robert Bradley

art by Marty D. Ison
art by Marty D. Ison
He said, “I’ll sit by you.”

She turned her head and coughed. The nub of a cigarette burned between two fingers.

He said, “I’ll sit beside your silences and I’ll sit beside your screams. And I’ll hold you as needed, and fill what needs filling.”

“Could you?” she said, hating him.

“I’ll empty your ashtrays....”

“Would you?” she said and flicked her cigarette ash to the floor.

“And when the time comes, I’ll sift through the ashes for a sign that...”

“But you're blind,” she said.

He took the cigarette from her and let it burn down to his fingertips, dropped it, stepped on it.

She looked at him.

He, at the floor.

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Robert Bradley has had stories published in taint and Avatar Review. He lives on an island off the coast of New York. When he's not sitting in traffic he teaches an obscure method of mind/body awareness called the Alexander Technique. He is also writing a novel or something.

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