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SmokeLong Quarterly, Issue Forty-Four, March 24, 2013
cover art "air and water"
Karen Prosen

Our Mission: SmokeLong Quarterly is dedicated to bringing the best flash fiction to the web on a quarterly basis, whether written by widely published authors, or those new to the craft. The term "smoke-long" comes from the Chinese, who noted that reading a piece of flash takes about the same length of time as smoking a cigarette. All the work we publish is precisely that—about a smoke long.
Issue Forty-Four
Letter From the Editor
Erin Armstrong
JR Fenn
Fumigation Day
Matthew Fogarty
White Smoke
Claire Rudy Foster
Richard Hackler
Everything You Are Doing Right Now Is Stupid
Joe Kapitan
Farrah Fawcett, Guardian of Highway Bridge Abutments
Jay Merill
Vincent Poturica
Jimmy O'Jimmy
Andrew Ridker
From the Diary of Your Unlived Life
Vincent Scarpa
In Which a Truck Driver Parked at a Rest Stop Outside of La Grange Experiences Trauma-Related Erectile Dysfunction
Gabrielle Sierra
The Drive
Bud Smith
Junior in the Tunnels
Claudia Smith
Cane Pole
Tori Telfer
The Archetype
Girija Tropp
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